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Water Plant



The original water system was installed in 1882. It consisted of Walker steam pumps under private ownership of the Bucyrus Development Company. This system consisted of steam pumps pumping water directly from the Sandusky River to the mains made from wood laid in the principalstreets of the City. The mains were expanded from time to time. In 1926 City of Bucyrus purchased the water works from the Bucyrus Development Company.

In 1900 a 40 acre impounding type, raw water storage reservoir #1 (Neff Reservoir) was constructed 2 miles northeast of Bucyrus along State Route 98 and Beechgrove Road. Capacity 90,000,000 gallons, watershed area of 1.75sq miles of runoff. Gravel boat ramp at the north end of reservoir off Beechgrove Road.

In 1919 a 38 acre impounding type, raw water storage reservoir #2 (Pines Reservoir) was constructed 2 miles northeast of Bucyrus along Stetzer Road. Capacity 58,000,000 gallons, watershed 2.50 sq miles of runoff. Gravel boat ramp on Stetzer Road.

In 1955 a 30 acre upground type, raw water storage reservoir #3 (Roy Riley Reservoir) was constructed 2 miles northeast of Bucyrus lies south of State Route 98 on Kiess Road. Capacity 180,000,000 gallons filled from Sandusky River. No boat ramp. 10 foot wide 1.25 mile the top track.

In 1982 a 150 acre upground type, raw water storage reservoir # 4 (Paul R. Outhwaite Reservoir) was constructed 2 miles northeast Bucyrus along State Route 98. Capacity 1,000,000,000 gallons filled from Sandusky River. Two-lane concrete boat ramp at the south end along State Route 98. Parking additional lots located on Beechgrove Road and Kiess Road. 12 foot wide, 2 mile around the top gravel track.

Treatment of water by filtration was started in 1914 when two tub type sand filters were constructed. At the same time a five hundred thousand gallon clearwell was built to meet the demand for potable water. An additional 1 million gallon in ground storage clearwell was constructed in 1943, construction of a 500,000 gallon water tower on Warren Street.

Plans for replacing the original 1882 pumping station were completed late in 1945, but with many of the materials needed in construction of such a project in short supply due to the reconversion from the war production, it was decided to defer construction. As it developed, construction cost continued to rise until early 1948 when they seemed to level off.

By 1948 the need for additional plant capacity was so great that the construction of the water plant could not be delayed longer. Authorization to proceed was granted by council, and on June 8 bids were opened and the successful bidder was Richland Construction Company of Mansfield with a bid of $463,206.00

Construction was begun in September, 1948 and progressed slowly through the winter. Slow delivery of some materials, particularly pipe and fittings slowed the overall progress. Even in the fall of 1949 the filter wing was delayed to allow lowering of steel pipe in large sections into the pipe gallery.

Competent brick layers were also in short supply and the building proper rose slowly. However, by the time cold weather set in late in the fall of 1949 the building was closed in and the erection of equipment and finishing of the building begun. Finally in May, 1950 the equipment was tested out and the plant placed in continuous operation.




The Water Treatment Process

We are dedicated to providing our customers with reliable, high quality water while operating in a financial and environmentally responsible manner. In order to do this we must constantly evaluate our operations in view of changing environmental conditions and regulations from Ohio EPA and other regulating authorities. With this in mind, we are asking you to please take the time to provide the following information so that we can serve you better. Please download a survey form and return it to the Bucyrus Utility office at 500 S. Sandusky Ave. Bucyrus, OH 44820. You can also drop it off in person during normal business hours. Be assured that this information is strictly for our operational purposes and will not be shared.

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Water Plant

Water Treatment Plant

The New Water Plant

Located on Beechgrove Road, the new water treatment plant will be a lime softening plant just as the current water plant is today. The capacity will be 3.0 milliion gallons per day. The architecture of the building is a simplified tee shamped building foot print. it will have an insulated metal roof with approximately 4:12 pitch and exposed vinyle-back insulationon the interior surface. The walls are insulated metal system for plant process areas with evposed vinyl-backed insulation on interior surfaces. The exterior will have a masonry veneer with metal stud wall and drywall finish for interior wallsof administration areas. The front of the plant will freature a brick masonry wainscoting approximately 5 feet high. The lime storage bins will be enclosed under roof and walls.

Chad Slagle
Class 3 Water Treatment Plant Foreman
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Steve White
Class 2 Operator
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Dan Quaintance
Class 3 Operator
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Bruce Johnson
Class 2 Operator

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Class 3 Operator-in-Charge

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Class 1 Operator