Any person directly affected by a decision of the code official or a notice or order issued under the Property Maintenance code shall have the right to appeal to the Property Maintenance Appeals Board, provided that a written application for appeal is filed within 20 days after the day the decision notice or order was served.

The board shall adopt and make available to the public through the secretary procedures under which a hearing will be conducted. The procedures shall not require compliance with strict rules of evidence but shall mandate that only relevant information be received.

The board shall meet upon notice from the chairman within 20 days of the filing of an appeal, or at stated periodic meetings.

When the full board is not present to hear an appeal, either the appellant or the appellant’s representative shall have the right to request a postponement of the hearing.

The board shall modify or reverse the decision of the code official only by a concurring vote of a majority of the total number of appointed board members.


The board consists of five members, two alternates and the secretary:

  • Floyd farmer
  • Glenn Achtermann
  • Ron Bores
  • Mike Schifer
  • Bill stuckert
  • Tom Rarick (alternate)
  • Ed McCarthy (alternate)
  • Alyssa Graboski, Secretary

The Property Maintenance Appeals Board meets at City Hall in the Council Chambers; as needed.