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Enterprise Zone Program


The Ohio Enterprise Zone Program is an economic development tool administered by municipal and county governments that provides real and personal property tax exemptions to businesses making investments in Ohio.



Who is in charge of it?

Alyssa Graboski is in charge of administering and implementing the provisions and boundaries of Community Reinvestment Area and Enterprise Zone Agreement in the City of Bucyrus.
Call Alyssa today at 419-562-6767 ext. 259 for more information.

The county auditor is in charge of keeping track of the businesses who are a part of the program for Crawford County.

 When do we administer the survey and questionnaires?

The agreements between the businesses and county gets renewed annually. A survey is sent out to the businesses around the beginning of the year, it asks them if they are currently meeting their required standards to fulfill their end of the agreement. Their answers are then reported to the County Auditor, who gathers this information into a report. This report is distributed in an annual meeting, so that members can then vote to keep this business in the Ohio Enterprise Zone Program.

 Why do we have the Ohio Enterprise Zone Program?

  • Enterprise Zones are designated areas of land in which businesses can receive tax incentives in the form of tax exemptions on eligible new investments.
  • Enterprise Zones serve as an additional economic development tool for communities attempting to retain and expand their economic base.
  • A community can assist local companies to become more competitive by offering an incentive to expand or modernize.
  • Attracting new business investment can increase local tax revenues and employment opportunities