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Engineering Department

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The Bucyrus Engineering Department is here to help you with your development needs.  From fences to subdivisions, we are here to help guide you through the development process.


Contact the Bucyrus City Engineering/Zoning Department for information regarding:

City Street Maps Annexations
Contractor Registration Building & Zoning Permits
Drainage Problems Flood Plain Regulations
Material Bids City Planning
Property and Survey Questions City Building Improvements
Storm water Utility Property Easements and Lot Splits
Street Improvements & Repair Subdivision Development
Traffic Signals Zoning District Regulations
Utility Location/Maps Zoning Maps
Water and Sewer Improvements  


Do I need a permit?

No person, firm, or corporation shall erect or construct a house or any building or structure of any kind, or enlarge, alter, repair, remodel, improve, rehabilitate, move, raze, or demolish any house or other building or structure, without first making application for a permit therefor from the Service-Safety Director, and being issued a permit. The application shall be in writing and shall state the number of the lot, or an exact description of the property if not a numbered lot, the ward, and if the particular parcel upon which the house, structure, or other building is to be erected, repaired, remodeled or rehabilitated, constructed, enlarged, altered, improved, moved, razed or demolished is situated in the Flood Plain, the Flood Plain fringe area or the fire limits. The application shall also state the dimensions of the building and the estimated value thereof, together with the Ohio Building Code permit number, and such other permit number as may be required by the City Engineer or any other agency.

City building permits for the construction of single-family residences, garages, accessory buildings, attached buildings, and remodeling of any of the foregoing shall expire and thereby become invalid six months following the date of their issuance; and for multi-family residence buildings, one year following their issuance. So far as the building permits for commercial buildings are concerned, the period of a building permit's validity will be determined by the City Public Service-Safety Director, on an individual basis, following consultation with each such building project main contractor.

Building permits shall be required for the new construction of:
Porches and ramps
Driveways, including expansion of existing driveways
Exterior HVAC units
Permanent swimming pools 24" deep or deeper
Exterior basement repairs

Building permits are not required for:
Door replacement
Window replacement
Spouting and gutters
Interior and exterior painting
Sealing of bricks
Garage doors
Repair of decks, porches, or steps
Driveway resurfacing

Manufactured Homes

Guidance For Placing Manufactured Homes Within The City Of Bucyrus

    • Any trailer, mobile home, or manufactured home built prior to 1976 is not constructed to acceptable standards and is prohibited within the City of Bucyrus. (BCO 1139.02 “Mobile Home”)
    • Any mobile or manufactured home that was constructed between 1976 through 1994 must be placed in a manufactured home park. (1139.02 “Permanently sited manufactured home”)
    • Any “Single Wide” manufactured home that is 1995 or newer must be placed in a manufactured home park. (1139.02 “Permanently sited manufactured home”)
    • In order to place the Manufactured Home on a private residential lot it must meet all of the following requirements: (1139.02 “Permanently sited manufactured home”)
      1) The lot must be in a Zoning District that lists single family homes as a permitted use.
      2) The Manufactured Home must meet the development standards for the zoning district where it is proposed to be sited. 
      3) The structure is affixed to a permanent foundation.
      4) Connected to appropriate facilities and utilities. 
      5) The Manufactured Home must be at least 900 sq. ft.
      6) The Manufactured Home must be at least 22 feet wide and 22 feet long on one side.
      7) The Manufactured Home must have a 4:12 roof pitch, conventional residential siding, and a six-inch minimum eave overhang, including appropriate guttering.
      8) The Manufactured Home must have been built after January 1, 1995.

    Flood Hazard Area

    The Biggert-Waters National Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012 provides long-term changes to the National Flood Insurance Program. Under the new law, rates are likely to increase overall to reflect the true flood risk of your home or business and many insurance discounts will be eliminated. FEMA has provided the documents below for further information. 

    National Flood Insurance Program Brochure

    Richland County Building Dept. Partnership

    The City of Bucyrus has partnered with the Richland County Building Department for commercial building inspections and permitting. While planning for your new commercial development project, check with the Richland County Building Department early for required permits and inspections.

    Richland County Building Deparment
    1495 West Longview Avenue
    Suite 202A 
    Mansfield, OH 44906
    Phone: 419-774-5517 | Fax: 419-774-6317
    Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

    Engineering Department Staff

    Makeever & Associates

    Contracted Engineering Services

    John S. Rostash

    Planning, Zoning, and Floodplains Administrator

    Greg Travis

    Engineering and Zoning Clerk