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Bucyrus Leak Loss Protection

Beginning May 1, 2021

The city of Bucyrus offers protection against costly service bills caused by unexpected leaks. The City of Bucyrus offers up to $1,000.00 coverage per occurrence in a 12 month period.

Water & Sewer Leak Residential: 
$1.10 per month

Water & Sewer Leak Commercial:
Single Occupancy - $3.05 per month
Multiple Occupancy - $6.10 per month

In the event of a costly water bill caused by high-water usage due to covered leaks or line breaks, the City of Bucyrus’ leak adjustment program covers the costly water utility bill once the active cause of the leak has been repaired.

All City of Bucyrus customers are automatically enrolled in our Leak Loss Protection Program and charges will appeal on your utility bill. Call us at 1-419-617-0770 to decline protection and accept full responsibility for all excess water charges caused by a water leak.

*Information for the City of Bucyrus Leak Loss Protection Program: High water bills due to leaks occurring after 05/01/2021 will be adjusted through this program. Please refer to our leak adjustment guidelines for qualifications. Cancel anytime. 30-day wait period for re-enrollment. Call HomeServe for more information and request a copy of the full terms and restrictions. ServLine is a registered trademark of HomeServ. The City of Bucyrus Leak Loss Protection Program’s financial obligations are backed by an insurance policy procured as part of the ServLine program.