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Aumiller Park Pool

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Address:  500 Aumiller Park Dr, Bucyrus, OH 44820  

Phone number: 419-561-7007, call for your pool party rentals 


  • Swimming Pool 
  • Concession Stand 
  • Restrooms 

Opening Day: 
The pool will open May 28th. 

Summer Hours:
 Daily hours start Saturday, June 3 

Pool Hours: 
12 PM- 6 PM 

Follow the Aumiller Park Pool Facebook page for updates/pool closings.

Is the pool open?
The pool is currently closed. The pool will open on Saturday, June 3, from 12 to 6 PM.

Pool Rules: 

  1. No one under the age of 10 may enter the pool without an adult
  2. NO horseplay including pushing, dunking, wrestling, and excessive splashing
  3. NO running, skipping, and jumping 
  4. NO eating or drinking in the pool 
  5. NO chicken (people on other people's shoulders) 
  6. No rafts
  7. Children/adults are NOT to climb on the lifeguard chairs.
  8. Swin Diapers are avaible at the front deak. Please DO NOT let your child swim in a non-swimming diaper
  9. NO sitting, jumping, and playing on ladders and steps.
  10. Swimsuits are required. NO cutoffs, gym shorts, sports bras, or suits that become revealing when wet.  
  11. Any other rules the lifeguards on duty see fit. 


Daily Passes:
Single... $3.00
Children (5 & under)... $1.00

Seasonal Passes:
Family of 4...$100.00
$25.00 for each extra pass
Single... $50.00

Pool Parties:
Pool parties are $60.00 per hour or 2 hours for $100 for up to 100 people.  ALL Pool Parties will be from 6-8 PM. Any party over 100 people is $80.00 per hour with a minimum of 2 hours.  Call the pool office at 419-561-7007 for rates on parties over 100 people.  A $50.00 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is due at the time of reservation and 2 weeks before the party. If you would like to have the concession stand open during the party, is an additional $25 charge.

Reasons for pool closings: 
Weather: Outside temperature below 70 degrees
Low Patronage: No one is there by 3 PM 

If you would like to donate a daily or seasonal pass for a child, adult, or family in need, please contact the Mayor's office at 419-562-6767 for more information. 


Delectables Concession Stand at Aumiller Park 
Delectables Concession Stand is open when the pool is open and is not run by the CCMRDD. You do not need to list what snacks are served.